Duane Ludwig breaks down the Back Them Up Drill & The Pull Cross from the Bang Muay Thai system.


Back Them Up Drill (1 round)(5 for 5)

1 Pull Cross (1 round)(5 for 5)

There Are 3 Variations In This Drill
The Lean
The Pull
The Pop
VARIATIONS (1, Lean, Cross)(1,Pull,Cross)(1,Pop,Cross)

1 Pull Cross With Back Them Up Drill (1 rounds)(5 for 5)

Cross Slide Thru Foot Work Drill (1 round)(5 for 5)

1 Pull Cross With Slide Foot Work & Back Them Up Drill (1 round)(5 for 5)
Series 1 - Jab, Jab, Cross
Series 2 - Jab, Hook, Cross
Series 3 - Lead Hook, Jab, Cross
Remember To Drill This Straight Back, Left, & Right

Cross Roll Line Drill (1 round)(5 for 5)


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shai katz on Jul 23

very nice! I love that the material is getting more advance. very good week.


Jeremiah Busha on Jul 25



Andre LeRouge on Dec 24

Great drills!


Mike on Nov 30

Love it!!