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How to develop fundamental footwork for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA with Duane Ludwig & Bang Muay Thai Coach Joey "The Don" Banks demonstrating "The Hands and Footwork Drill". 


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Frank Wells on Sep 10

Yes! I've seen this drill a few times but to have it broken down brings a lot of clarity to it

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Marcus Ashcraft on Sep 15


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Jock McDowell on Sep 30

I love that hand and footwork drill. Even the rhythmic sound is cool.


Wayne Blackman on Dec 12

Two human weapons. Great teaching gentlemen.Footwork proper foot work is prime important


Jared on Oct 17

If you are doing the Hands and Footwork Drill on a heavy bag, how do you keep the bag from jamming your cross on the way back?


Oscar on Feb 13

This entire library is so excellent