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Low kicks, round kicks, parry jab with low kick, and elbows.

Live class at LMA HQ. Working on round kicks and countering round kicks with low kicks.

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Running Time: 00:51:16
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How To Set Up The Body Shot

Sensei & Coach Fisher show you a way to set up the body shot

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Running Time: 00:00:59
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Dutch Drill #2

Sensei Ludwig & Coach Alex demo the Dutch Drill #2 from the 2018 Seminar in Austin Texas.

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Running Time: 00:01:22
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How to make it goal sheet with Lil Duane BANG

Sensei Ludwig an Lil Duane teach you how to make a goal sheet.

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Running Time: 00:00:50
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How To Develop Seamless Transitions Between Stances

Sensei Ludwig gives a drill to develop transitions between stances

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Running Time: 00:00:59
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Head outside single off their jab with Juan

Bellator fighter Juan Archuleta & Sensei Ludwig show you how to blend striking with wrestling

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Running Time: 00:02:05
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New Curriculums In The Works

Duane gives a little hidden morsel for the new BMT curriculum coming soon.

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Running Time: 00:00:39
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Tj Dillashaw & Sensei Working Mitts 12/21/17

Sensei & Killashaw doing what they do best.

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Running Time: 00:00:33
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Long Knee Technique With Professor Alex Part 2

Here is a technique break down with Professor Alex on the long knee technique

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Running Time: 00:01:18
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Live Drilling At The Hemmers Seminar

Here is a short clip from the Hemmers Seminar at Ludwig Martial Arts

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Running Time: 00:00:26
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Nick Hemmers Breda Holland

Duane on the pads with Nick Hemmers 4.

Running Time: 00:01:12
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Pads with Nick Hemmers Breda Holland

Duane on the pads with Nick Hemmers 3.

Running Time: 00:00:57