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Mixing Up Knees & Reems

In this class video we are going to look at mixing up #'s knees with #'s reems and how to call commands

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Running Time: 00:04:59
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We look at what the reems are and how to apply them.

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Running Time: 00:07:04
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Breaking Down The Dekkers

We look at the dekkers 1 and dekkers 2 on thai pads and dutch drills.

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Running Time: 00:42:34
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3 Jab Variations

We look at 3 basic jab variations as well as how to properly hold for the jab.

Running Time: 00:05:10
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Balance coordinated flow drill

This drill teaches you the pendulum knee foot work.

Running Time: 00:00:46
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Souwer Combination

Here is the Souwer combination inspired by Andy Souwer.

Running Time: 00:04:37
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Jessica Eye vs Valentina Schevchenko Breakdown

We break down the Jessica Eye vs Valentina Schevchenko UFC fight.

Running Time: 00:03:47
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Numbers with Front Kicks (Thai Pads)

How to hold Thai Pads for front kicks.

Running Time: 00:09:03
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Round Kicks: throwing, setting them up, defending, countering

Live class at LMA HQ. Working on round kicks and countering round kicks with low kicks.

Running Time: 00:40:12
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Coach Sam - Armbars for MMA

In this video we cover a basic arm for MMA.

Running Time: 00:01:17
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Single Punch Series - Two Punch Series - FrontKicks

We are reviewing the single punch series, 2 punch series & front kicks.

Running Time: 00:08:44
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2 Body

In this video we break down the 2 body.

Running Time: 00:00:50