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Discusssion for: Lesson 27: Drilling #’s Hands With Round Kicks Blocks & Counters With Sensei Bas & Sensei Ludwig

-Core Twist Drill (30 sets 3x)
1)Cross-Hook(10x), Hook-Cross(10x) 2)Cross-Hook-Slip/Reload-Hook-Cross(10x), Hook-Cross-Slip/Reload-Cross-Hook(10x) 3)Cross-Hook-Slip/Reload-Hook-Cross-Hook-Cross-Slip/Reload-Cross-Hook(10x) 4)Cross-Hook-Rear Kick & Hook-Cross-Lead Kick(10x each) 5)Cross-Hook-Roll-Hook-Cross & Hook-Cross-Roll-Cross-Hook(10x each) 6)Cross-Hook-Block Kick-Hook-Cross & Hook-Cross-Block Kick-Cross-Hook(10x each) 7)#'s & Hands(1 3min round) 8)#'s & Hands-(optional>Block Body Kick-Counter 2 Hands) 9)#'s & Hands-(optional>Block Body Kick-Counter 2 Hands-Opposite Round Kick)