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Teaching Kids

Announcements · Posted on Jan 27 by Josh Arcemont

What is your recommendation for working this curriculum with kids? Obviously their coordination, balance and agility are not fully developed so the more advanced skills are out of the question. Also, kids holding pad...

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Fight specific work prep

Announcements · Posted on Jan 28 by Kyle Tateyama

I have a couple questions regarding fight specific work, how often should this be done on a weekly basis prior to fight? Also what would your typical training program look like with fight specific training? Lastly, wh...


Belt rankings

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 1 by Brendan Mcgoldrick

Hi Will there be a ranking system with belts, like Gracie university?


I’m having trouble unlocking a video

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 7 by Matt Edgington

I’ve watched this video several times hoping to unlock it so I can progress to the next few and it stays locked. Help anyone?


Video on Head Movement

Announcements · Posted on Jan 22 by Pierre Melki

Hey guys, I was thinking it would be cool to have a video on advanced head movement (as it's a big part of hit without getting hit). When we look for example in the video of TJ vs Vasyl, we can see how Vasyl head ...


Why not create a series of audio BMT workout?

Announcements · Posted on Jan 4 by Pierre Melki

Hello everybody, Thanks again for everything Duane and the team are doing, you guys are the best. Knowing that the BMT system is an evolution of the Bas Rutten system, why not doing a BMT workout like the ones Bas...

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New Content

Random · Posted on Jan 2 by Antonio Bridgeforth

Sensei I just want to take a moment to say thank you for adding 8 videos just today as well as the many you've added recently. As I continue to approach these last two videos in level 2 before moving on to level 3. I ...


BMT Yellow Belt Requirements

Where Is It? · Posted on Dec 16 by Jon Curto

I'm a student at BMT Affiliate Gracie St. Pete and I'm preparing for my Yellow Belt Test. In an effort to learn the material, I am trying to locate the techniques, drills and combinations videos on this site, yet I'm...


when will you be posting another lesson seems like it has been a while

Announcements · Posted on Dec 18 by Frank Arnett

when willyou post another lesson have not seen on for three weeks

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Super Seminar/Roomate

Current Events · Posted on Dec 18 by Antonio Bridgeforth

Anyone going to the super seminar in March at Striking 101 in NY? Would be nice to have someone to split a hotel bill with.