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HQ Visit

BMT HQ · Posted on Jun 7 by Jonathan Mcneil

Thinking about taking a trip to Colorado next month and want to come train at HQ for a week. Anyone know how much training costs for the week? Also, would I be able to get evaluated by Duane while I was there? Thanks!

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Choto dojo vs affiliate

Business · Posted on May 12 by Kyle Burns

What is the difference from the two types of bang gyms ?


Weekly video locked

Site Feedback · Posted on Jun 12 by James McGee

I joined mid last week and did week one. What day this week should I expect week 2 To unlock? And does it automatically unlock Every week on a certain day?

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Flexibility for high kicks

Injury Prevention · Posted on May 14 by Jonathan Mcneil

Any tips on getting more flexible for high kicks? I feel like my high kicks would be a lot more powerful if it wasn't so hard to get them up there.


First fight

Techniques · Posted on Apr 14 by Demetrios Photis

My first kickboxing match is this Saturday. Do you, professor, or anyone else have any tips, technical or otherwise for me? I know nothing about this kid except he has a Thai style backround and has had 1 fight that h...


Elbow pain / Golfer Elbow when holding pads

Injury Prevention · Posted on May 28 by Chad Angelocci

Each time I hold pads for someone I get pain on the inside of my elbow and on the joint itself. Does anyone else get this? Any suggestions on holding different especially for hooks? Thanks Chad

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Does the Janjira section cost?

Site Feedback · Posted on Mar 14 by John Thornton



Why can I only see one video

Site Feedback · Posted on Mar 28 by Aaron Hughes

I just created an account and I can only see week 1. Its basic stuff that I already know? everything else is locked, how can I see more content??


1 body series location

Site Feedback · Posted on Mar 23 by Matthew Olevich

Is there a section that has the 1 body series? As in 1 body 2 body etc? I can't seem to find it with the search and I swear I've seen it before thanks a bunch guys


Alley punches

Where Is It? · Posted on Mar 3 by Nirav Modi

Hello, I remember going through the alley punches. Where you slip and punch at the same time. Does anyone know which week that was? or where I can find it? I tried using the search option, it did not work. Please l...