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Stretching and Flexiblity

Techniques · Posted on Jun 6 by Rot goncalves

Any plans to add a warmup / dynamic stretching video and a cooldown / static stretching video series to help with flexibility and high kicking?

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why cant i watch videos any more?

Site Questions · Posted on Jun 3 by shai katz

hello, today i tried watching some videos and it says private video and as me to log in. im already loged in and my account is ok. what seems to be the issue?


BMT shorts

Equipment / Gear · Posted on May 19 by Tyler Cloninger

I want to get some of the new BMT shorts but cant find a size chart to order the correct size. Probably medium or small but would like to be sure, any info? Thanks for all the great advice and helpful tips!


Becoming an affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 8 by Steve Young

I don't see any info on how to become an affiliate school and I'm really debating between two right now. Any info I can get would be appreciated


Dealing with a wild pressure fighter

Techniques · Posted on May 13 by Craig Taylor

In amateur K1 and MMA most opponents come sprinting at you swinging straight away. The cage is always small as well. How do you still get your range, score and not get sucked into their wild swinging match? I suppose ...


What type of bag is best for beginners?

Announcements · Posted on May 9 by Seth Stanford

I have an old canvas heavy bag I’ve been using that tears up my hands or gloves. I am going to purchase a new bag, but wanted some good advice on what type to get. Should I get a leather heavy bag, banana bag or angle...


gloves and pads

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Apr 30 by Dave

If available Where can I buy BMT Gloves and Thai Pads/Focus mitts


any more new material coming out have not seen anything new for months

Announcements · Posted on Apr 21 by Frank Arnett

are you going to be putting anymore info on your site I paid in full for a year but have not seen any new material for months

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Becoming an Affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 10 by Cody Henderson

Good morning professor. I was talking with my gym owner and told him about your program, we're in Bellingham and are looking into becoming an affiliate gym, what needs to happen for us to do that? Thank you sir...


Critique fight footage

Techniques · Posted on Apr 18 by Demetrios Photis

And hey was hoping A coach/ professor Ludwig could watch at least the first round of a fight of mine from last year it was my first fight that I lost a split decision I believe because I slowed down and got complace...