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Will curriculum cover MMA or just pure striking?

Site Feedback · Posted on Jul 30 by dan willoughby

I realise Duane is predominantly a striking coach, I was just wondering whether future videos will cover wrestling/transitions between striking and takedowns? Or using strikes to set up takedowns. Also are the stan...

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Awesome product!!!

Site Questions · Posted on Jul 14 by Seth Stacey

This is great. Love the detail and the covered information!!! Thanks for the starting curriculum.

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Welcome Grasshoppas!

Announcements · Posted on Jul 13 by Duane Ludwig

Grasshoppas, We're rolling out the BMT Online Academy today. Please enjoy and let's stay connected so we can all grow together! If there are any questions, pls leave them here. Thank you OSS!

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Hey new to this!

Site Feedback · Posted on Jul 24 by Steven Ventimiglia

Love video for week 1 but is that it? I would like to see more vidz. Any way to do that?


Congrats TJ & Professor ! Learning head movement, footwork, changing stances, angles

Current Events · Posted on Jul 26 by Raymond Gan

So happy for you guys. Did better than the first time awesome. I'm so used to seeing MMA fights where it looks like a regular Muay Thai fight and two people just beating the crap out of the each other eating punches...

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Loving it!

Site Questions · Posted on Jul 25 by bucky barber

Great content cant wait for week two.