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Super seminar videos not working

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 29 by Chris Daukaus

Every time I click on the super series videos it claims they were moved, and takes me to the library page. Not able to watch any of the super seminar video, thanks.



Announcements · Posted on Oct 11 by Andrew Usher

Hi, Who do I email about renewals, as i just noticed my account automatically renewed for the year when i didn't request it.

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Shake step and Sprint step

Techniques · Posted on Oct 4 by Cyril

What are the difference between the shake step and the sprint step (footwork)?????? Thank you


Where are the Trevor Wittman seminar videos?

Announcements · Posted on Sep 24 by Pierre Melki

hey guys, coach Duane said a few months ago that the Trevor seminar would be upload on the website. Any update? Thanks!


I got double charged when singing up. How do I fix that?

Site Questions · Posted on Sep 16 by Anthony Hughes

I enjoy this content, but I got double charged when signing up. I was charged for the both the 240 amount and the 199 amount. Please help me fix this. Thanks.


How do I cancel my membership

Announcements · Posted on Sep 20 by Javier Cubillo

I started going to a trainin Gym and no longer can afford both but the website here doesn't let me cancel my subscription and it's starting to become absurd.

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Strengh & Conditioning · Posted on Sep 5 by Antonio Bridgeforth

What do you guys do for cardio and conditioning besides cracking pads?

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From Québec, Canada to Colorado

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 14 by Cyril

I'm planning to visit BMT HQ - Colorado this fall and I have some questions. 1- I'm looking into becoming an affiliate gym, how does it work? 2- How does the ranking works? 3- When is the best time to visit? ...


Info on becoming an affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 23 by Micah

I have been teaching alot from your online classes and my students seem to like it. I would like to get information on becoming an affiliate? My email is


New Material

Random · Posted on Aug 20 by Kev White

Hi guys is library still the place to view new material, haven't seen a whole lot going up lately and i'm wondering if im missing something?