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Question about drilling kicks without thai pads

Techniques · Posted on Sep 30 by Steve Pak

Hi, Much like my first question about drilling punches with just boxing gloves. Now that the kicks and knees have been released, how the heck do you drill kicks with your arms and gloves without it hurting soooo frigg...

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Slip shake series

Techniques · Posted on Oct 22 by Mohamed Moosa

Can anyone please break down the slip shake series video.


Flexibility Issues

Injury Prevention · Posted on Nov 17 by Sean Gauci

Hey Fellow Ninjas! This is a question for Duane or any other experienced Martial Artist on the forums. I have been fighting in Mixed Martial Arts since 15 years of age, but have always had a pretty bad issue with ...

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BMT Coaches

Random · Posted on Jul 22 by James Johnson

With so much growth in the system and all the new awesome schools and coaches lets kick the forum off with a headcount so members in the system know who they and their squad are as we grow:) I'm Coach James Johnson...


Does the Curriculum cover elbows or clinch?

Site Feedback · Posted on Oct 18 by Nirav Modi

I know the Dutch Kickboxing rules don't allow elbows but in MMA and Thai Kickboxing it is allowed. I was wondering if the curriculum ever covers elbows or clinch?

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Sparring tips

Sparring · Posted on Sep 22 by Mohamed Moosa

I was wondering how often do the professional fighters spar. Do they go hard every session . Coaches let me know how do you go about it with your team.

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Travel to HQ in Denver

· Posted on Sep 7 by Wolfie Steel

I would like to come and train at HQ, perhaps as often as 1 week / month. Are there others who do this? How do I make arrangements and figure out what week would be best? Is this even allowed? I'm looking to excel in ...


Start with the basics please

Site Feedback · Posted on Sep 29 by Richard Bienvenue

Hi All, I am relatively new to Muay Thai, training with Coach Vince at Bang Muay Thai Tampa for the last 6 months. Prior to this I had studied Shotokan for 3 years in Rhode Island many years ago, but the names and...


questions about cutting angles and countering

Techniques · Posted on Oct 5 by Bradley wiler

I need advice on countering and cutting angles going forward while attacking


Roundhouse technique question

Techniques · Posted on Sep 20 by sam tintz

Professor Ludwig, coaches, anyone with experience, I am wondering whether I should be kicking with a stiffer more locked out leg or snapping my kicks into the bag. I read an article explaining the pros and cons of eac...