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Bonus Content

Techniques · Posted on Nov 15 by Antonio Bridgeforth

I have no idea if anyone noticed or not but 8 new videos have been added to the TJ Dillashaw section of the bonus content. There were previously 6 videos and now 14. Enjoy!!!

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Shake step and Sprint step

Techniques · Posted on Oct 4 by Cyril

What are the difference between the shake step and the sprint step (footwork)?????? Thank you


Dutch Drill 3-5

Techniques · Posted on Jul 30 by Zach

Hey everyone, I couldn't find a lot of the blue belt requirement videos on here. They show up under search but it says that the library has been reorganized and the videos aren't found. Any help would be greatly a...

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High Kick flexibility

Techniques · Posted on Sep 8 by Jonathan Mcneil

Ive been consistently trying to get better at high kicks. I have never been flexible naturally in my hips, but I have been doing a ton of stretching to try to fix that. I try to throw as many high kicks as possible to...


Stretching and Flexiblity

Techniques · Posted on Jun 6 by Rot goncalves

Any plans to add a warmup / dynamic stretching video and a cooldown / static stretching video series to help with flexibility and high kicking?


Dealing with a wild pressure fighter

Techniques · Posted on May 13 by Craig Taylor

In amateur K1 and MMA most opponents come sprinting at you swinging straight away. The cage is always small as well. How do you still get your range, score and not get sucked into their wild swinging match? I suppose ...


Critique fight footage

Techniques · Posted on Apr 18 by Demetrios Photis

And hey was hoping A coach/ professor Ludwig could watch at least the first round of a fight of mine from last year it was my first fight that I lost a split decision I believe because I slowed down and got complace...


Sensei Rutten’s Corner man drill

Techniques · Posted on Sep 23 by Freddie

Sensei Rutten’s Corner man drill This is a training tip aswell as a humble site suggestion to review this amazing drill in a future video. I used to fire up each and every class with 5 minutes of this drill goin...


straight knees arent straight enough

Techniques · Posted on Sep 4 by alex howard

Hi guys I am having trouble with my straight knees. They don't feel straight enough and I am often hitting the bag with the top of my shin. I am tight in my knees so I am having trouble getting my heel up to my butt e...

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Techniques · Posted on Aug 26 by Jonathan Mcneil

What is the Reem combo and what week is it covered in? Thank you!