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What is the time period between each belt?

Teaching · Posted on Feb 18 by Stephane D'Amour

From White to Yellow, on average how long does it take, if the student is attending on a regular basis Yellow to Orange? Orange to Blue? Blue to Purple? Purple to Brown? Brown to Black? Thanks again,...

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How Many Of You Coaches Use Jump Rope?

Teaching · Posted on Oct 16 by Matt Wallace

And when, how long, etc? Curious to the madness and methods out there 😈!


How do i make the beginner students more coordinated?

Teaching · Posted on Sep 27 by Mark barrett

Hi I'm hoping i can have professor Ludwig answer my post. My coach was out of town and asked me to teach the beginner muay thai class. I taught Dutch drills the whole class and I quickly noticed that the beginners who...


When should we add Open Stance training?

Teaching · Posted on Sep 18 by William

Hi, I've training everything both Southpaw and regular stance - which doubles the time taken, obviously (and I have limited hours and calories). I just saw a comment in the Critiques section recommending training w...

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Counter The Cross BMT Sparring Drill ?

Teaching · Posted on Jul 19 by Jarrett Kelton

In watching the Vid on Counter Cross you showed 4 different counters.1 pull and return cross 2. If they drop lead hand before they throw cross ,then We can throw cross before they do.3. Ally cross counter to the body(...

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Curriculum Rotation

Teaching · Posted on Apr 26 by Brian Ruscio

I'm very excited about BANG Muay Thai and glad I implemented it. My concern is for new members to my academy that may join when we are on future lessons. We've been affiliated about 5 weeks and curious if future wee...

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Curriculum on paper

Teaching · Posted on Nov 17 by Chris Foran

Is there a written version of the curriculum as an easy prompt when teaching classes.