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getting a student ready for an MMA fight in 3 weeks

Strengh & Conditioning · Posted on Oct 24 by shai katz

Hello, today we got a call from bellator that royce gracie son oponent got injured for a fight in 3 weeks november 15th and they are looking for a new opponent. one of my guys really wanted the fight (its a weight...

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Strengh & Conditioning · Posted on Sep 5 by Antonio Bridgeforth

What do you guys do for cardio and conditioning besides cracking pads?


Weight Lifting?

Strengh & Conditioning · Posted on Feb 5 by Austin Bingham

Im about to begin week 2 of BMT and was wondering what everyone thinks about weight lifting for Muay Thai to go along with the BMT work. Looking to increase strength for Muay Thai and am trying to find a routine and e...