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Bonus costs credits??

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 28 by Cyril

Hi! I noticed that the website is now functioning with credits to unlock videos. Is it normal that past videos that were free are now costing credits? example: MMA section thank you


Please Explain the Credits issue

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 4 by Roland Alicea

Please explain what the Credits issue is in relation to access to monthly or in my case yearly subscription. Thank you


Cancel meambership

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 25 by Joshua Montoya

Tried emailing you guys about two times about not being charged for renewing membership online. Love the videos, but need to save money. Please respond and don’t charge my account. Thank you


How can we watch the Super seminar series?

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 21 by Pierre Melki

We can see the 3 videos on Bonus content but when we click on it it says "the video was moved". Are you working on having it work? thank you


Uploading for critique

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 21 by Fernando Rodriguez

I know people have asked & the BMT system have been working on it. But just finished watching video stating that it was up & running. Where would that section be? Or is it still being worked on?


How do I see my profile info?

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 14 by brock

Unable to see my email I registered under

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Cancel membership

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 7 by Dominic

Emailed support about canceling membership, no reply. Please respond, if I get charged this month, I will put website on blast. I dont want to do this but it seems to be an issue based on other posts. Please be c...

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Super seminar videos not working

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 29 by Chris Daukaus

Every time I click on the super series videos it claims they were moved, and takes me to the library page. Not able to watch any of the super seminar video, thanks.


I got double charged when singing up. How do I fix that?

Site Questions · Posted on Sep 16 by Anthony Hughes

I enjoy this content, but I got double charged when signing up. I was charged for the both the 240 amount and the 199 amount. Please help me fix this. Thanks.

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why cant i watch videos any more?

Site Questions · Posted on Jun 3 by shai katz

hello, today i tried watching some videos and it says private video and as me to log in. im already loged in and my account is ok. what seems to be the issue?