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I’m having trouble unlocking a video

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 7 by Matt Edgington

I’ve watched this video several times hoping to unlock it so I can progress to the next few and it stays locked. Help anyone?


Trouble unlocking videos

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 31 by Spencer

In regards to unlocking videos i had the "2 more videos in 0.0 days" message appear. Then a "2 more videos in 2.5 days". As far as im aware i should be able to unlock two more videos but have only been able to unlock ...


Can videos be uploaded for critique?

Site Questions · Posted on Sep 22 by Kev White

Hi guys is it possible to upload technique videos for critique on the new site?

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Watchlist, Search

Site Questions · Posted on Aug 23 by Dominic

Love the new site updates, but wanted to know where to access videos marked as saved and will the search function be reintegrated.

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New site

Site Questions · Posted on Jul 31 by Shawn Monday

I love how the site has been updated but it has taken me all the way back to week 1 and locked everything I have done so far... is this happening for every one? I've been a member of the site since the beginning

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Site Questions · Posted on Dec 14 by Jeff Wright

I'm curious if there are plans for a Bang Muay Thai Online Academy app so us ninjas can study and practice our curriculum on the road, and if there are, when is it expected to be live? Oss!

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Week 44

Site Questions · Posted on May 23 by Tommy Mc cafferty

For some reason week 44 hasn't opened up for me any help would be appreciated thanks


streaming videos keep pausing and its choppy on and off

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 9 by bao quach

The streaming vidoes are too choppy and keep freezing and unfreezing making it impossible to watch


Belt rankings

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 1 by Brendan Mcgoldrick

Hi Will there be a ranking system with belts, like Gracie university?

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Awesome product!!!

Site Questions · Posted on Jul 14 by Seth Stacey

This is great. Love the detail and the covered information!!! Thanks for the starting curriculum.