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credit system

Site Questions · Posted on Feb 11 by Demetrios Photis

Ive been a part of the site since it started and I have watched almost all the content added to it. recently however with the credit system enabled, I have lost access to many videos I used to review and use for train...

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TJ Dillashaw MMA wrestling techniques videos

Site Questions · Posted on Jan 22 by Jonathan Mcneil

I am having trouble accessing all of the Dillashaw MMA videos. It allows me to view the first 5 but all the others after say "That video was moved. We have re-organized our videos" after I click the video. I cant find...

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Bonus costs credits??

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 28 by Cyril

Hi! I noticed that the website is now functioning with credits to unlock videos. Is it normal that past videos that were free are now costing credits? example: MMA section thank you


How can we watch the Super seminar series?

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 21 by Pierre Melki

We can see the 3 videos on Bonus content but when we click on it it says "the video was moved". Are you working on having it work? thank you


How do I see my profile info?

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 14 by brock

Unable to see my email I registered under

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Super seminar videos not working

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 29 by Chris Daukaus

Every time I click on the super series videos it claims they were moved, and takes me to the library page. Not able to watch any of the super seminar video, thanks.

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why cant i watch videos any more?

Site Questions · Posted on Jun 3 by shai katz

hello, today i tried watching some videos and it says private video and as me to log in. im already loged in and my account is ok. what seems to be the issue?


Belt rankings

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 1 by Brendan Mcgoldrick

Hi Will there be a ranking system with belts, like Gracie university?


I’m having trouble unlocking a video

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 7 by Matt Edgington

I’ve watched this video several times hoping to unlock it so I can progress to the next few and it stays locked. Help anyone?


New week?

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 15 by Demetrios Photis

Haven't had a new video for 2 weeks? Is this just me?