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Social Media

Random · Posted on Jun 14 by alex anoushian

Hi everyone, I would like to connect with you all on our social media accounts. If you haven't yet, please follow and subscribe to my social media accounts below. I would love to connect with all you on there. I h...

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One Family One Fight

Random · Posted on Jan 19 by Antonio Bridgeforth

When one of us fights we all fight. History will be made tonight. Wishing Good Skill to TJ and Sensei Ludwig on this monumental milestone. OSU! #BMT4LIFE

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Account Information

Random · Posted on Nov 14 by Antonio Bridgeforth

If anyone needs to change any of their account information such as editing their profile info, changing their password, or payment information simply click on the thumbnail located in the upper right hand corner. Thos...


New Material

Random · Posted on Aug 20 by Kev White

Hi guys is library still the place to view new material, haven't seen a whole lot going up lately and i'm wondering if im missing something?


Training at HQ

Random · Posted on Mar 22 by Damien

Hey, I fight in Atlanta and am entering into fight camp it possible to come to Colorado and train at HQ for like a week or so?

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New Content

Random · Posted on Jan 2 by Antonio Bridgeforth

Sensei I just want to take a moment to say thank you for adding 8 videos just today as well as the many you've added recently. As I continue to approach these last two videos in level 2 before moving on to level 3. I ...

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How far into curriculum have people progressed

Random · Posted on Aug 3 by Waisale Gatasa

Hi I'm Wais. Just unlocked week 1 today. How far along is everyone else? Weekly release works for me, keep practicing until it becomes almost boring then progress. Good to be here, thanks


When to take test

Random · Posted on Oct 17 by Jared

What is the first week you can rank up for the first time? And if I live in San Antonio, TX can I go to the Austin location and test there or do I have to take a trip to HQ? :)

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Training Partner: Vegas/Henderson, NV

Random · Posted on Jan 25 by Lala Poshi

If anyone in the area wants to train contact me at 810 610 9274... I'm only in town until February-ish.. We can do Dutch Style OR I can hold Pads for you, or both etc Note: I have a full Trainers' kit of Thai ...

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BMT Coaches

Random · Posted on Jul 22 by James Johnson

With so much growth in the system and all the new awesome schools and coaches lets kick the forum off with a headcount so members in the system know who they and their squad are as we grow:) I'm Coach James Johnson...