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How far into curriculum have people progressed

Random · Posted on Aug 3 by Waisale Gatasa

Hi I'm Wais. Just unlocked week 1 today. How far along is everyone else? Weekly release works for me, keep practicing until it becomes almost boring then progress. Good to be here, thanks


When to take test

Random · Posted on Oct 17 by Jared

What is the first week you can rank up for the first time? And if I live in San Antonio, TX can I go to the Austin location and test there or do I have to take a trip to HQ? :)

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Social Media

Random · Posted on Jun 14 by alex anoushian

Hi everyone, I would like to connect with you all on our social media accounts. If you haven't yet, please follow and subscribe to my social media accounts below. I would love to connect with all you on there. I h...

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Training Partner: Vegas/Henderson, NV

Random · Posted on Jan 25 by Lala Poshi

If anyone in the area wants to train contact me at 810 610 9274... I'm only in town until February-ish.. We can do Dutch Style OR I can hold Pads for you, or both etc Note: I have a full Trainers' kit of Thai ...

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BMT Coaches

Random · Posted on Jul 22 by James Johnson

With so much growth in the system and all the new awesome schools and coaches lets kick the forum off with a headcount so members in the system know who they and their squad are as we grow:) I'm Coach James Johnson...