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Flexibility for high kicks

Injury Prevention · Posted on May 14 by Jonathan Mcneil

Any tips on getting more flexible for high kicks? I feel like my high kicks would be a lot more powerful if it wasn't so hard to get them up there.


Elbow pain / Golfer Elbow when holding pads

Injury Prevention · Posted on May 28 by Chad Angelocci

Each time I hold pads for someone I get pain on the inside of my elbow and on the joint itself. Does anyone else get this? Any suggestions on holding different especially for hooks? Thanks Chad

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flexibilty for kicking

Injury Prevention · Posted on Apr 26 by shai katz

hello, many new students at my school come without the flexibility to high kick or even middle kick proper. do you guys work on it during classes or each one should work on it on his free time? what is your flexibi...


Getting over hand pain when doing BMT drills

Injury Prevention · Posted on Jul 28 by Steve Pak

Hello, Is it normal to have your hands hurt alot when doing the drills where you are hitting your opponents glove? I am so used to hitting pads and I never really felt this type of pain from not only punching the glo...


Flexibility Issues

Injury Prevention · Posted on Nov 17 by Sean Gauci

Hey Fellow Ninjas! This is a question for Duane or any other experienced Martial Artist on the forums. I have been fighting in Mixed Martial Arts since 15 years of age, but have always had a pretty bad issue with ...