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spats and shorts

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Jan 26 by Chris

Any idea when the store will have the BMT spats and Shorts in stock or is there another way I can order them?


BMT shorts

Equipment / Gear · Posted on May 19 by Tyler Cloninger

I want to get some of the new BMT shorts but cant find a size chart to order the correct size. Probably medium or small but would like to be sure, any info? Thanks for all the great advice and helpful tips!


gloves and pads

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Apr 30 by Dave

If available Where can I buy BMT Gloves and Thai Pads/Focus mitts


App for calling combos?

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Feb 24 by Jon

Anyone know an app that will call out combos when you don’t have a partner?

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Equipment / Gear · Posted on Oct 18 by Antonio Bridgeforth

I'm not sure who is directly in charge of the store but a lot of items need more size choices added. Been that way for a while now.


Bmt store

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Aug 27 by Jouji Najem

I want to order some bmt gear online.Was just wondering how many working days does it take for it to be shipped to nyc


BANG Muay Thai rank shirts

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Jan 20 by Sam Gray

Are you going to be putting the colored rank shirts for sale online? I would like to get a couple white ones for now. Also, when will you have the BMT shorts restocked in medium? OSS!

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Trainer/Coach Mitts

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Aug 5 by Lala Poshi

Anybody try/use Trainer/Coach Mitts such as these on Amazon Ringside Professional Coach Spar Boxing Punch Mitts Feedback appreciated

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What oz Training gloves are you using

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Apr 17 by Duane Ludwig

Grasshoppas, what oz gloves are we using to drill with? We used to drill with 10oz and spar with 16oz but now we're using 16oz for everything. Two sets of gloves though, 1 for drills and 1 for sparring.


What size gloves for drilling and sparring?

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Oct 12 by Nirav Modi

What size gloves should I use to drill these techniques? The videos look like 14's or 16's. I am trying to utilize this in MMA so I don't want to get used to hiding behind the big gloves.