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Current Events · Posted on Jun 25 by Matt Wallace

Hey ninjas! Since there isn't a designated place to post coming events right now I thought I'd create this thread for upcoming BMT seminars, workshops and related events. Gotta take every opportunity to improve that w...

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Super Seminar/Roomate

Current Events · Posted on Dec 18 by Antonio Bridgeforth

Anyone going to the super seminar in March at Striking 101 in NY? Would be nice to have someone to split a hotel bill with.

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Current Events · Posted on Nov 7 by Antonio Bridgeforth

I would like to congratulate TJ and Duane on behalf of the whole BMT family on the big win this weekend and bringing the belt back home where it belongs.

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Any picks for UFC 200?

Current Events · Posted on Jun 30 by Seth Stacey

Interested to see who picks who for the winners on the card


How do we request a siminar?

Current Events · Posted on Jan 11 by Chris Davis

...or is there a list of seminars available across the country. I work a full time job and run my own school so travel can be difficult without a lot of planning. Any help is appreciated.


Congrats TJ & Professor ! Learning head movement, footwork, changing stances, angles

Current Events · Posted on Jul 26 by Raymond Gan

So happy for you guys. Did better than the first time awesome. I'm so used to seeing MMA fights where it looks like a regular Muay Thai fight and two people just beating the crap out of the each other eating punches...