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Becoming an affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 8 by Steve Young

I don't see any info on how to become an affiliate school and I'm really debating between two right now. Any info I can get would be appreciated


sensie ludwig im in colorado .for ranking they said had to be affiliate.can i do this with you at yours in colorado.

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 19 by Dannie Lee

wondering how this works for ranking and can I do this through you in your Colorado school.and cost .thank you and your program is great.

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Ninja Trip to BMT HQ!

BMT HQ · Posted on Jun 14 by alex anoushian

Hey everyone, me and Coach Andy from BMT Burbank will be at HQ from July 14-18. Anyone else planning to visit around that time let us know. I want to meet and help as many of our affiliates and Online Ninja Academy me...

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HQ Visit

BMT HQ · Posted on Jun 7 by Jonathan Mcneil

Thinking about taking a trip to Colorado next month and want to come train at HQ for a week. Anyone know how much training costs for the week? Also, would I be able to get evaluated by Duane while I was there? Thanks!


How is a test conducted?

BMT HQ · Posted on Jul 5 by Chris Davis

I am not asking where to go or who to talk to but how a test is actually done. Can you give us a basic outline including approximate times for the required drills/techniques so that we can judge whether or not we a...

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Testing Question / Choto Dojo vs Affiliates

BMT HQ · Posted on Jan 18 by Dustin Parrish

In the FAQ it said we would get a receipt so that we could go to an actual affiliate and test for our belts I was wondering if I just missed where to find that I'm on week 27 so I am eligible for my yellow belt and ab...


Trip to HQ

BMT HQ · Posted on May 26 by Jeffrey Molina

I will be making the drive to the HQ from Kansas City tomorrow to get some training in and hopefully test for my yellow belt. I was having trouble finding the schedule for the gym if someone could post it that would ...

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Trip to HQ Experience

BMT HQ · Posted on Apr 24 by Matt Wallace

Hey BANG Muay Thai Fam! Just returned from a 3 Day trip to HQ in Denver late last night. I can't recommend it enough!! I got a great deal on a flight and there are many cheap options on lodging once you get there,...

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BMT Gloves

BMT HQ · Posted on Sep 2 by christian navarro

Hey Whats up Guys This is for whomever can answr this. Just wanted to know how we can purchase some of those BMT booster gloves. I know you have them at the hq, but will they be available at all the affliates or onl...

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Becoming an Affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 10 by Cody Henderson

Good morning professor. I was talking with my gym owner and told him about your program, we're in Bellingham and are looking into becoming an affiliate gym, what needs to happen for us to do that? Thank you sir...