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Announcements · Posted on Oct 11 by Andrew Usher

Hi, Who do I email about renewals, as i just noticed my account automatically renewed for the year when i didn't request it.


Where are the Trevor Wittman seminar videos?

Announcements · Posted on Sep 24 by Pierre Melki

hey guys, coach Duane said a few months ago that the Trevor seminar would be upload on the website. Any update? Thanks!


How do I cancel my membership

Announcements · Posted on Sep 20 by Javier Cubillo

I started going to a trainin Gym and no longer can afford both but the website here doesn't let me cancel my subscription and it's starting to become absurd.

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Aug 4

Announcements · Posted on Aug 4 by Antonio Bridgeforth

Happy Birthday Professor and good luck tonight BMT FAMILY


What type of bag is best for beginners?

Announcements · Posted on May 9 by Seth Stanford

I have an old canvas heavy bag I’ve been using that tears up my hands or gloves. I am going to purchase a new bag, but wanted some good advice on what type to get. Should I get a leather heavy bag, banana bag or angle...


any more new material coming out have not seen anything new for months

Announcements · Posted on Apr 21 by Frank Arnett

are you going to be putting anymore info on your site I paid in full for a year but have not seen any new material for months


Teaching Kids

Announcements · Posted on Jan 27 by Josh Arcemont

What is your recommendation for working this curriculum with kids? Obviously their coordination, balance and agility are not fully developed so the more advanced skills are out of the question. Also, kids holding pad...

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Fight specific work prep

Announcements · Posted on Jan 28 by Kyle Tateyama

I have a couple questions regarding fight specific work, how often should this be done on a weekly basis prior to fight? Also what would your typical training program look like with fight specific training? Lastly, wh...


Video on Head Movement

Announcements · Posted on Jan 22 by Pierre Melki

Hey guys, I was thinking it would be cool to have a video on advanced head movement (as it's a big part of hit without getting hit). When we look for example in the video of TJ vs Vasyl, we can see how Vasyl head ...


Why not create a series of audio BMT workout?

Announcements · Posted on Jan 4 by Pierre Melki

Hello everybody, Thanks again for everything Duane and the team are doing, you guys are the best. Knowing that the BMT system is an evolution of the Bas Rutten system, why not doing a BMT workout like the ones Bas...