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Lead leg rotation during roundhouse kicks?

Techniques · Posted on Aug 21 by dan willoughby


dan willoughby on Aug 21

In week 4 it is advised to rotate your lead legs heel about 90 degrees, I have seen other videos where (particularly for head kicks) the lead heel rotates a full 180 degrees so its literally pointing towards the bag. In practice I produced more power this way, and found it easier to balance. But the trade off is it takes longer to kick and return to stance the more you rotate. Is their a general rule for how much rotation should be used? For instance for leg kicks I found I could produce decent power with little rotation. Basically should I always rotate 90 and no more, or should I find which produces the best result and stick with that? Also I know turning your hip over is vital but how much should I turn it over, should I be connecting at a horizontal angle or slightly upwards, particularly for body kicks in order to slip under the guard. If any BMT coaches or just someone with basic MT experience could answer that would be awesome as I have had some MMA experience but have never trained at a pure MT gym so may have missed some of the basic striking knowledge. Cheers Oss