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An Insight Into Credits, For Those Interested

Site Questions · Posted on Mar 4 by Matt Wallace

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Matt Wallace on Mar 4

Hey ninjas! I know there’s been some confusion on the credit system so I recently got some clarity on it and thought I’d share. The reason for the changeover is actually pretty cool and revolutionary. Under the old system, as long as you were an active subscriber to the BMT Online Academy, you could access your videos, unlock one a week and life was good. If you jumped off of the subscription your progress restarted & you lost access to the content, just like every other online martial arts academy. Pretty typical industry practice. With the new credit system, it changes the game. Now, you get to unlock more videos per week and you have more choice on which items PLUS the big difference: you are permanently unlocking content. Everything unlocked with a credit is accessible to you even after you cancel your membership. That’s absolutely unheard of and an incredible value! The idea is that you’re being rewarded at an even higher level for continued enrollment/loyalty but if you should ever have to leave, you still have equity in this investment vs losing everything. So hopefully you can understand the value of a credit is quite a bit higher than a simple unlock, for sure, and don’t translate on a 1-to-1 basis. My aim with this post is that it helps clear some things up, gives folks some insight into the change and further cements the idea that the BMT Online Academy is the absolute best value out there and is staying ahead of the curve, if not setting new industry standards! As always, if I can help at all don’t hesitate to hit me up 🤜🏻🤛🏻 OSU 🀄️ Matt