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Site Questions · Posted on Feb 11 by Demetrios Photis


Demetrios Photis on Feb 11

Ive been a part of the site since it started and I have watched almost all the content added to it. recently however with the credit system enabled, I have lost access to many videos I used to review and use for training sessions. As the "library" became the place where new 15 min to half hour videos were what was added as new content to train, those were essentially what I was paying for. However now, it seems that that content has been taken from my accessibility and now I must pay further (for the monthy sub) and extra ($30+) to get more credits just to unlock old videos I essentially already paid for and previous had access to. Unfortunetly, while I understand the fiscal incentives/requirements that might be needed for the site, this has really disturbed the benefits ive reaped from the site, and essentially feel like i lost alot of money as the only new content i was given for over a year for my loyal membership was now taken from my ability to access and now I am at a crossroads about whether or not i will continue my membership to BMT online since its first few weeks of existance. Im hoping I could get some further and detailed explaination of exactly what the credit system is now and how it works (does my monthly sub aquire me new creds or no?) and any other access and changes to the site in recent months that i should know about before i make this decision. I did love this site and enjoyed alot of the content on it and it has been a real shame for me to see my loyalty rewarded in the way it appears it has. thank you in advance for your answer.

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Matt Wallace on Feb 18

Did you ever get any follow up on this? I’m still learning it myself.

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Antonio Bridgeforth on Feb 18

Who’s running the site? Might be time to pass the torch.