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A week at the HQ

BMT HQ · Posted on Jan 17 by Cyril

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Cyril on Jan 17

When is the best time to come and train for a week at the BMT HQ??? I live in Canada and Ninja academy level 3

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Matt Wallace on Jan 17

I think that anytime you can go is great! About the only bad time is right before TJ has a fight because Sensei splits his time between Denver and California so you won’t see him as much as you would during a normal visit. The level of instruction while he is gone is still fantastic though because Coaches Seth, Joey, V, Alex, Sam and the rest run a great class. I’d HIGHLY recommend staying at the fighter house, too. It’s cheaper than all the hotels and most AirBnBs plus it’s a great atmosphere and walking distance to the dojo. You will enjoy the trip for sure!