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Bonus costs credits??

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 28 by Cyril

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Cyril on Nov 28

Hi! I noticed that the website is now functioning with credits to unlock videos. Is it normal that past videos that were free are now costing credits? example: MMA section thank you


Pierre Melki on Dec 1

I don't even know if it work. I personally can't use any of the credits


Marco Di Bartolomeo on Dec 1

I was wondering the same thing, how does it works with credits?


Fernando Rodriguez on Dec 2

Yeah, before it would just allow you to unlock 2 videos within a certain time frame.


Scott Oxendine Jr on Dec 3

Why is there no info regarding credits? Has anyone received more?

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Tommy Mc cafferty on Dec 4

Would also like some info on this and how it's going to work


Scott Oxendine Jr on Dec 6

Guys I received 10 credits today. Originally I had 25. I believe the format was changed for the purpose of regularly unlocking videos. Sometimes it might be 2 weeks before I would log back in and I would still only get 2 unlocks. Hopefully now the credits will stack.

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Josh Vandergrift on Dec 28

The credits will stack from now on, and videos you unlock with credits are yours forever.