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straight knees arent straight enough

Techniques · Posted on Sep 4 by alex howard


alex howard on Sep 4

Hi guys I am having trouble with my straight knees. They don't feel straight enough and I am often hitting the bag with the top of my shin. I am tight in my knees so I am having trouble getting my heel up to my butt enough to make a nice straight knee. I've been trying the walking knees dynamic warmup I saw TJ Dillashaw teaching on TUF, hopefully that helps. Any other suggestions?

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Matt Wallace on Sep 9

Hi Alex! I'm trying to visualize how you're hitting the bag with the top of your shin. Could it be the angle (knees angling left or right)? If you are going straight & still hit the shin it means your knee is going too high. And heel to butt is good but if that proves difficult make sure to at least point/flex the toes downward as you strike. Keep in mind that a good knee is as much a pelvic thrust as anything else. If you could better describe how that shin contact is happening maybe we can offer more specific help :-)


alex howard on Sep 11

Hi Matt, thank you for the response. The flight path of the knee is straight so I do think I am arcing up too high. My hips are a little tight so Im doing a lot of stretches to help. Thank you for the pointer on plantar flexion, I havent been focusing on that so I will next session. I do think I need to working on the hip rotation as well. I am thinking about it like rotating for a round house but havent gotten the motion down yet.

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Matt Wallace on Sep 17

Hey Alex! You have the right idea about being similar to a roundhouse. What reeeeally helped me adjust to that delivery system versus just vertically straight was practicing against a wall. I have my students use that drill too and it seems to help because you have a definitive feedback about where contact is being made. On a bag or pad it can change to hide where you make first contact. Just go light :-)