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Site Questions · Posted on Mar 11 by Antonio Bridgeforth

Any idea when a new video will be added to the site? I don’t believe we’ve had a new video in over two weeks.


TJ working on his boxing videos

Site Questions · Posted on Mar 11 by Pierre Melki

When you type "TJ" in the search option, you can find 4 videos "TJ Dillashaw working on his boxing part 1-4", but again, impossible to play any of those, even with credit. Any help?

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An Insight Into Credits, For Those Interested

Site Questions · Posted on Mar 4 by Matt Wallace

Hey ninjas! I know there’s been some confusion on the credit system so I recently got some clarity on it and thought I’d share. The reason for the changeover is actually pretty cool and revolutionary. Under the old sy...

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Announcements · Posted on Dec 28 by Josh Vandergrift

Hey all. We've added a support knowledge base which we will be adding to regularly. As a reminder, the forum is not a place for site support or affiliate requests. Thanks!


Cross variation with level change

Where Is It? · Posted on Feb 7 by Freddie

I believe I saw a video here where the cross was demonstrated with a slight level change to gain some extra reach. I can't recall which video though. Does anyone know?

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Social Media

Random · Posted on Jun 14 by alex anoushian

Hi everyone, I would like to connect with you all on our social media accounts. If you haven't yet, please follow and subscribe to my social media accounts below. I would love to connect with all you on there. I h...


Testing for belts

Announcements · Posted on Jan 7 by Chris

I’m doing the online academy, when should I contact an affiliate to test for my first belt? I Have been training 4-5 days a week for 5 weeks.


spats and shorts

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Jan 26 by Chris

Any idea when the store will have the BMT spats and Shorts in stock or is there another way I can order them?

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TJ Dillashaw MMA wrestling techniques videos

Site Questions · Posted on Jan 22 by Jonathan Mcneil

I am having trouble accessing all of the Dillashaw MMA videos. It allows me to view the first 5 but all the others after say "That video was moved. We have re-organized our videos" after I click the video. I cant find...

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One Family One Fight

Random · Posted on Jan 19 by Antonio Bridgeforth

When one of us fights we all fight. History will be made tonight. Wishing Good Skill to TJ and Sensei Ludwig on this monumental milestone. OSU! #BMT4LIFE