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A week at the HQ

BMT HQ · Posted on Jan 17 by Cyril

When is the best time to come and train for a week at the BMT HQ??? I live in Canada and Ninja academy level 3


Testing for belts

Announcements · Posted on Jan 7 by Chris

I’m doing the online academy, when should I contact an affiliate to test for my first belt? I Have been training 4-5 days a week for 5 weeks.


Super Seminar Series + TJ videos

Where Is It? · Posted on Jan 4 by Pierre Melki

Please, it's been months the issue was addressed and no one helped so far. Why it always says "That video was moved. We have re-organized our videos" ? Thank you

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Announcements · Posted on Dec 28 by Josh Vandergrift

Hey all. We've added a support knowledge base which we will be adding to regularly. As a reminder, the forum is not a place for site support or affiliate requests. Thanks!


testing for rank

BMT HQ · Posted on Dec 12 by Chris

I may have missed where this has been discussed previously. If I am using the online ninja academy to train, how do I test for rank or belts? Can a BMT affilliate give the tests? my closest affiliate is 90 minutes awa...

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Hey BMT Affiliates! Got files if you need them!

Business · Posted on Sep 17 by Matt Wallace

OSU Affiliates! Just a heads up that I have copies on my computer of all the affiliate support files: rank certificates, requirements, etc, if any of you need them until they get them back up here on the website. Hit ...

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Bonus costs credits??

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 28 by Cyril

Hi! I noticed that the website is now functioning with credits to unlock videos. Is it normal that past videos that were free are now costing credits? example: MMA section thank you

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Current Events · Posted on Jun 25 by Matt Wallace

Hey ninjas! Since there isn't a designated place to post coming events right now I thought I'd create this thread for upcoming BMT seminars, workshops and related events. Gotta take every opportunity to improve that w...


How can we watch the Super seminar series?

Site Questions · Posted on Oct 21 by Pierre Melki

We can see the 3 videos on Bonus content but when we click on it it says "the video was moved". Are you working on having it work? thank you

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Bonus Content

Techniques · Posted on Nov 15 by Antonio Bridgeforth

I have no idea if anyone noticed or not but 8 new videos have been added to the TJ Dillashaw section of the bonus content. There were previously 6 videos and now 14. Enjoy!!!