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any more new material coming out have not seen anything new for months

Announcements · Posted on Apr 21 by Frank Arnett

are you going to be putting anymore info on your site I paid in full for a year but have not seen any new material for months

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Becoming an Affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 10 by Cody Henderson

Good morning professor. I was talking with my gym owner and told him about your program, we're in Bellingham and are looking into becoming an affiliate gym, what needs to happen for us to do that? Thank you sir...

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Hey BMT Affiliates! Got files if you need them!

Business · Posted on Sep 17 by Matt Wallace

OSU Affiliates! Just a heads up that I have copies on my computer of all the affiliate support files: rank certificates, requirements, etc, if any of you need them until they get them back up here on the website. Hit ...


Critique fight footage

Techniques · Posted on Apr 18 by Demetrios Photis

And hey was hoping A coach/ professor Ludwig could watch at least the first round of a fight of mine from last year it was my first fight that I lost a split decision I believe because I slowed down and got complace...


App for calling combos?

Equipment / Gear · Posted on Feb 24 by Jon

Anyone know an app that will call out combos when you don’t have a partner?


Training at HQ

Random · Posted on Mar 22 by Damien

Hey, I fight in Atlanta and am entering into fight camp it possible to come to Colorado and train at HQ for like a week or so?


srickers for the dojo

Business · Posted on Mar 21 by Colt

looking to put some stickers in the window for the dojo. should we just use a the affiliate files and get them made?


Affiliate resources page

Business · Posted on Mar 21 by Colt

i cant seem to find the affiliate resource page to get files mr walace spoke of



Announcements · Posted on Feb 6 by LaBricia

Hello how do I cancel a membership?


I am looking for info. On becoming an affiliate.

BMT HQ · Posted on Mar 4 by Micah

Hi coach could you send me info on becoming an affiliate. Thank you my email is