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Why Choose the BMT System

WHy I Created the System

I have found great value with instructional tapes when I was coming up training in the arts. Learning the unique numbering system from Sensei Bas Rutten really sparked an idea in me. Figuring out a way to communicate with Martial Arts. Taking high percentage drills and combinations and putting them to work in the proper order to build the correct reaction when the moment is right. To simplify the chaos of a fight and to put it into a system that can easily be learned has been a interesting journey. After many fights in both Kickboxing and MMA, training trips to Thailand, Japan, Holland and all over the U.S. Winning world titles and having our Students also win world titles with The BMT system, has proven it to be success!

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About Duane Ludwig

  • Bas Rutten Black Belt
  • 2014 Coached TJ Dillashaw to UFC World Title
  • 2x UFC Coach of the year (2013 & 2014)
  • Fastest Knockout in UFC History (0:06)
  • Only K1-MAX Champion to compete in the UFC

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How It Works

There are 3 steps to be coming an affiliate. We believe that the affiliation is a relationship. You can get access to the content today and see if it is a good fit for you. If you choose you want to become a full affiliate and get access to all of the EXCLUSIVE content you will need to be evaluated by Duane. We want to ensure the integrity of the system before we bring you in.

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