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Special guest TJ Dillashaw cover how to counter head hooks & counter with hands & round kicks at Ludwig Martial Arts. Duane & TJ take the drills to the next level by expanding your countering game by showing you another range to strike from when your opponent takes off after being offensive. This is a must watch.


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Waisale Gatasa on Dec 7

Best lesson yet. Thank Mr Dillashaw for the body shot block tip.

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Matt Wallace on Dec 9

This one series was worth the price of the whole month! Awesomeness!


Tim Corcoran on Feb 22

Love this one


Wayne Blackman on Feb 22

Wonderful lesson especially the body shot technique. Thank you gentlemen.


Wayne Blackman on Feb 28

No mouth protectors. You must trust your training partner.


Gianluca Kaul on Apr 11

Awesome video, great instruction