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Training Partner: Vegas/Henderson, NV

Random · Posted on Jan 25 by Lala Poshi

If anyone in the area wants to train contact me at 810 610 9274... I'm only in town until February-ish.. We can do Dutch Style OR I can hold Pads for you, or both etc Note: I have a full Trainers' kit of Thai ...


Kickboxing Sparring Critique

Techniques · Posted on Jan 23 by Alex Burdelski I would appreciate some feedback on this light sparring session.


High kicks

Techniques · Posted on Jan 11 by Matthew Olevich

I'm looking for advice on how to get more comfortable with high kicks. I don't believe they've come up in the weekly rotation yet but I'd like to get a leg up on it.


Question: Live slipping

Techniques · Posted on Jan 2 by Freddie

Good day, How would you tackle the transition from ex. numbers and slips, (also rolling and pulling), to actual slipping in sparring? To react to my opponents offense seems to require Matrix like skills unless done...

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Pull in combo

Techniques · Posted on Dec 15 by Jonathan Mcneil

In week 34 Duane go talks about the pull in combo. What is the pull in combo exactly? Sorry if this is a dumb question lol I might have missed it somewhere along the line. Thanks!

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Site Questions · Posted on Dec 14 by Jeff Wright

I'm curious if there are plans for a Bang Muay Thai Online Academy app so us ninjas can study and practice our curriculum on the road, and if there are, when is it expected to be live? Oss!

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New Member

Site Feedback · Posted on Dec 24 by Arafath Torres

hi i am a new member and i just watched the first video of the stance/footwork and 1,2,3 combos... how can i continue wathing the other videos from the week 1, i cannot find them anywere ...


How do i make the beginner students more coordinated?

Teaching · Posted on Sep 27 by Mark barrett

Hi I'm hoping i can have professor Ludwig answer my post. My coach was out of town and asked me to teach the beginner muay thai class. I taught Dutch drills the whole class and I quickly noticed that the beginners who...

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Fallen behind in training

Site Feedback · Posted on Nov 14 by Jock McDowell

I have fallen a bit behind in my training. I won't be able to catch up to where my account says I should be. Is it possible to reset my progress to an earlier point?

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Official Stance on Belt Testing / FAQs

BMT HQ · Posted on Jul 27 by Duane Ludwig

To test for your Bang Muay Thai Belt, you will receive a receipt on the website that you have completed the necessary lessons. Your receipt confirms eligibility and IS NOT a certificate of rank. You will need to visit...