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Alley punches

Where Is It? · Posted on Mar 3 by Nirav Modi

Hello, I remember going through the alley punches. Where you slip and punch at the same time. Does anyone know which week that was? or where I can find it? I tried using the search option, it did not work. Please l...


Switch stancing

Techniques · Posted on Mar 10 by alex howard

Hello everyone. I am on week 8 of the curriculum. Should I be drilling in both stances or will Professor Ludwig tell us when to in the curriculum? Thanks!

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Do i absolutely have to rotate my wrist as a corkscrew punch?

Techniques · Posted on Sep 24 by Jose Gutierrez

I'm in my second week of the bmt curriculum and it's phenomenal, i definitely like the fact that it still deals with fundamentals and i feel sharper as well. However something that i dont like the fact that we have t...

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Search is Live

Announcements · Posted on Nov 8 by Josh Vandergrift

Hey everyone, there's a new feature that allows you to search the library. Keep in mind some videos may show up in the search but you don't have access to yet. The search is still in beta so let us know if you expe...

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Low kicks

Techniques · Posted on Mar 1 by Jonathan Mcneil

i have noticed there is not a lot of low kick material here. Should I just be drilling some of these combos with low kicks instead of body kicks just to get the reps in on them? Is there any reason in particular there...

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Keeping strikes tight

Techniques · Posted on Feb 21 by Waisale Gatasa Keeping strikes tight and from The core this vid from Sylvie von Douglas with a training exercise from Sagat is pretty useful

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Content locked

Site Feedback · Posted on Oct 18 by Tommy Mc cafferty

Folks anyone else having bother accessing this weeks techneqies my level 2 week 14 should have opened but it's still locked, I've tried the instant messenger,my message has been seen but no reply any help would be app...

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Techniques · Posted on Feb 13 by Arafath Torres

Hi guys we are gonna face a agressive southpaw in Brazil soon.. he uses a lot the rear tip kick like anderson silva, and he is very elusive.. any combo or advice that we can work on to put him presure and make him go ...

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Print Outs of the Curriculum Breakdown

Site Feedback · Posted on Jan 23 by Dustin Parrish

Is there anyway to get a easy to print version of the curriculum breakdown for all of the different weeks? I want to have this so I can use them to organize my workouts and make my life easier

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Seminars locked

Site Feedback · Posted on Feb 2 by Jonathan Mcneil

The Nick Hemmers seminar is saying content locked when I try to access it. Is it just not released yet?