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Getting over hand pain when doing BMT drills

Injury Prevention · Posted on Jul 28 by Steve Pak

Hello, Is it normal to have your hands hurt alot when doing the drills where you are hitting your opponents glove? I am so used to hitting pads and I never really felt this type of pain from not only punching the glo...


streaming videos keep pausing and its choppy on and off

Site Questions · Posted on Dec 9 by bao quach

The streaming vidoes are too choppy and keep freezing and unfreezing making it impossible to watch



Site Feedback · Posted on Oct 16 by Nirav Modi

I know BMT is rooted from Dutch kickboxing and the rules don't allow elbows. Do the curriculum ever go over elbows?



Techniques · Posted on Dec 4 by Tim Corcoran

In a mma fight would it be smart to throw the cross on the cross jab combo at 70% to set up the jab..I have my 3rd mma fight soon love the combo/footwork for the cross jab.

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The importance of fundamentals

Announcements · Posted on Jul 27 by Duane Ludwig

Whether you are a proficient striker or a brand new beginner the fundamentals are always important. Everyone that I teach starts out with the basics, whether they are a UFC fighter or a hobbyist who comes to visit my ...


Belt rankings

Site Questions · Posted on Nov 1 by Brendan Mcgoldrick

Hi Will there be a ranking system with belts, like Gracie university?

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Curriculum on paper

Teaching · Posted on Nov 17 by Chris Foran

Is there a written version of the curriculum as an easy prompt when teaching classes.


Question about drilling kicks without thai pads

Techniques · Posted on Sep 30 by Steve Pak

Hi, Much like my first question about drilling punches with just boxing gloves. Now that the kicks and knees have been released, how the heck do you drill kicks with your arms and gloves without it hurting soooo frigg...

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Slip shake series

Techniques · Posted on Oct 22 by Mohamed Moosa

Can anyone please break down the slip shake series video.


Flexibility Issues

Injury Prevention · Posted on Nov 17 by Sean Gauci

Hey Fellow Ninjas! This is a question for Duane or any other experienced Martial Artist on the forums. I have been fighting in Mixed Martial Arts since 15 years of age, but have always had a pretty bad issue with ...