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Start with the basics please

Site Feedback · Posted on Sep 29 by Richard Bienvenue

Hi All, I am relatively new to Muay Thai, training with Coach Vince at Bang Muay Thai Tampa for the last 6 months. Prior to this I had studied Shotokan for 3 years in Rhode Island many years ago, but the names and...


questions about cutting angles and countering

Techniques · Posted on Oct 5 by Bradley wiler

I need advice on countering and cutting angles going forward while attacking

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How far into curriculum have people progressed

Random · Posted on Aug 3 by Waisale Gatasa

Hi I'm Wais. Just unlocked week 1 today. How far along is everyone else? Weekly release works for me, keep practicing until it becomes almost boring then progress. Good to be here, thanks


Roundhouse technique question

Techniques · Posted on Sep 20 by sam tintz

Professor Ludwig, coaches, anyone with experience, I am wondering whether I should be kicking with a stiffer more locked out leg or snapping my kicks into the bag. I read an article explaining the pros and cons of eac...

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Drill both stances?

Techniques · Posted on Aug 19 by Casey Wilkinson

I'm new here and so excited to start! I've been training traditional Muay Thai for years and your program has always intrigued me. I was curious if you'd recommend doing all of these drills in both the Orthodox and So...

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Becoming an Affiliate

BMT HQ · Posted on Aug 10 by Cody Henderson

Good morning professor. I was talking with my gym owner and told him about your program, we're in Bellingham and are looking into becoming an affiliate gym, what needs to happen for us to do that? Thank you sir...

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New member saying hi

Announcements · Posted on Aug 4 by Shane Smy

Hi Professor Ludwig and all the BMT guys. Just finished watching Videos 1&2 and the bonus content. The videos are awesome and the instruction is world class from professor Ludwig, i love the fact you can't rush forwar...


Will curriculum cover MMA or just pure striking?

Site Feedback · Posted on Jul 30 by dan willoughby

I realise Duane is predominantly a striking coach, I was just wondering whether future videos will cover wrestling/transitions between striking and takedowns? Or using strikes to set up takedowns. Also are the stan...

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Awesome product!!!

Site Questions · Posted on Jul 14 by Seth Stacey

This is great. Love the detail and the covered information!!! Thanks for the starting curriculum.

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Welcome Grasshoppas!

Announcements · Posted on Jul 13 by Duane Ludwig

Grasshoppas, We're rolling out the BMT Online Academy today. Please enjoy and let's stay connected so we can all grow together! If there are any questions, pls leave them here. Thank you OSS!