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Equipment / Gear · Posted on Oct 18 by Antonio Bridgeforth

I'm not sure who is directly in charge of the store but a lot of items need more size choices added. Been that way for a while now.


Sparring bigger guys

Sparring · Posted on Oct 17 by Jared

If I spar weekly but it is usually against guys who have a longer reach than me (usually it is the same people every week, not a big number of us) what are some good techniques to do well against someone bigger/longer?


When to take test

Random · Posted on Oct 17 by Jared

What is the first week you can rank up for the first time? And if I live in San Antonio, TX can I go to the Austin location and test there or do I have to take a trip to HQ? :)

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How Many Of You Coaches Use Jump Rope?

Teaching · Posted on Oct 16 by Matt Wallace

And when, how long, etc? Curious to the madness and methods out there 😈!


Can videos be uploaded for critique?

Site Questions · Posted on Sep 22 by Kev White

Hi guys is it possible to upload technique videos for critique on the new site?

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Hey BMT Affiliates! Got files if you need them!

Business · Posted on Sep 17 by Matt Wallace

OSU Affiliates! Just a heads up that I have copies on my computer of all the affiliate support files: rank certificates, requirements, etc, if any of you need them until they get them back up here on the website. Hit ...


Sensei Rutten’s Corner man drill

Techniques · Posted on Sep 23 by Freddie

Sensei Rutten’s Corner man drill This is a training tip aswell as a humble site suggestion to review this amazing drill in a future video. I used to fire up each and every class with 5 minutes of this drill goin...

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BMT Austin Coach Alex - Clinch

Where Is It? · Posted on Sep 4 by Waisale Gatasa

Was there a mini course available on BMT online with Coach Alex and Sensei Ludwig teaching clinch? I cant seem to find it

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High Kick flexibility

Techniques · Posted on Sep 8 by Jonathan Mcneil

Ive been consistently trying to get better at high kicks. I have never been flexible naturally in my hips, but I have been doing a ton of stretching to try to fix that. I try to throw as many high kicks as possible to...


straight knees arent straight enough

Techniques · Posted on Sep 4 by alex howard

Hi guys I am having trouble with my straight knees. They don't feel straight enough and I am often hitting the bag with the top of my shin. I am tight in my knees so I am having trouble getting my heel up to my butt e...